Meet Julie Endres

Julie Endres

I started out as an elementary teacher. I have always been inspired to make a difference, and now I can do so in a different way. I have taught for almost 20 years, most of them in elementary classrooms. Although I recently made the difficult decision to leave classroom teaching, I have not given up teaching or making a difference. That's where Making Technology Trouble Free comes in!

Although most elementary teachers I worked with were not very comfortable with technology, my interest in technology was developed alongside my desire to teach. Computers as we know them today were just beginning when I was in high school and using them intrigued me. I bought my first computer laptop and fell in love with the ability to do word processing and email. My love of technology developed exponentially from there.

Now you may wonder how an elementary teacher becomes a technology consultant/trainer/troubleshooter. Well, as I’m sure many of you have experienced, it did not take me long to learn that when you buy a new computer, no one tells you anything about how it works, how it should be maintained, or how to do minor troubleshooting. It also became apparent that computer “help lines” were not very helpful! Because of that, anytime I had to call to find out how to take care of an issue I learned how to take care of it and how to prevent the issue in the future. I also took great pains to remember that information so I would not have to call the so-called “help line” again anytime soon! Over the years I also learned how and where to search for answers myself and as I tried different things and discovered that they worked, I helped my friends and family so they would not have to call the dreaded “help line” either.

I also worked in the corporate world for several years between teaching jobs. I was an administrative assistant for several companies which necessitated advanced computer skills. Again, in this environment, being able to solve your own computer glitches was definitely a benefit. It became pretty clear that once the over-taxed IT department knew I could solve some problems myself, when I called for help I am fairly sure they gave me a little time to figure it out myself before riding to the rescue!

I’ve serviced my friends and family for more than a decade and my clientele has spread with more and more happy customers. When I made the decision to leave the classroom and teach in a different venue, I parlayed my “hobby” into a startup business. It allows me to help people as well as teach them about technology.

For awhile, people who were reluctant to embrace technology could get along quite well co-existing and simply ignoring it as a matter of personal choice. However, nowadays everything is technology. These reluctant technology users are finding it more and more difficult to ignore it because it is literally in almost everything we buy and use today. That’s where I come in.

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